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"We built the GoGuide Platform to make it easier than ever before to find guides and instructors for outdoor activities."

                                                  Carter Brown, GoGuide CEO

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The GoGUide Platform

Research. Compare. Book

The GoGuide platform is a marketplace for customers to view, compare, and book guides or instructors for outdoor activities


The GoGUide Platform

Book with Confidence

With GoGuide you book a real person, not just a faceless company. We believe your booking experience should be as personal as your trip.


The GoGUide Platform

Earn a Living Outdoors

Earn a living doing what you love. Whether you are a part of an outfitter already, or you want to be your own boss, become visible to customers on the GoGuide platform by creating a profile.

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  • Be your own 


  • Earn a living doing           what you love

  • Become visible to customers looking for Guides

  • Get the certifications you need with our help

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  • Increase exposure              on GoGuide Platform 

  • Increase conversions with the GoGuide Plugin 

  • Automate business processes

A Two Product Solution

Guides & Instructors
at Established Outfitters

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  • Increase your              visibility to             customers

  • Allow customers                  to book you personally.

  • Grow your company and brand​

Increase your visibility to customers 

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"Our Customers always want to know who their Guide is going to be. GoGuide makes that so much easier."

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